product description

1.The whole machine is welded, and after two times of precision machining after high temperature tempering and stress removal, the bed is durable to ensure strength and rigidity as well as precision;

2.Complete all mounting surfaces in one position to ensure machining accuracy;

3.The boring and milling surface, drilling and tapping are all completed by CNC to ensure the accuracy of the machine;

4.Equipped with Taiwan imported high-precision linear guide rails and imported TBI high-precision ball screw for higher precision

5.Using all-digital AC brushless servo, the transmission power is bigger, the speed is faster, the positioning is more precise; the speed frequency response is 3.1kHz, and the vibration resistance function is strengthened.

6.Equipped with high-frequency, high-power air-cooled spindle, high torque, high speed, high cutting efficiency and high brightness.

7. Mobile work platform ensures optimum dynamic motion and optimum driveability.

8.Automatic lubrication system, regularly lubricate the lead screw guide.

9.The control system adopts Taiwan's SYNTECT five-axis linkage CNC system. The SYNTECT system has great stability and after-sales service.

Advantages; with high-speed and high-precision pre-function; axial coupling function, machining axis can be axially coupled and exchanged,improve machine flexibility; processing preparation, trial processing, processing monitoring screen, easy to learn and understand network, U disk is available , the most complete PC interface for output, input Processed product

Five-axis linkage is applicable to: plastics industry, automotive interior industry, sanitary industry, handicraft industry, white goods industry,aerospace chemical industry, rail transportation, ship, yacht, wind power generation, automobile model, casting wood mold, resin processing parts.

Machinable materials: carbon fiber, glass steel, composite materials, resin, plastic, acrylic, XPE, styrofoam foam (EPs), gypsum.

Scope of application: Focus on the processing of thick sheet blister and other non-metallic products, suitable for processing small workpieces; it can also process large workpieces, and the left and right stations can be processed in the same direction, which can be realized on the basis of single station. The machining size of a single product that doubles the direction of the shaft

1. A process can complete the production process of the entire workpiece complex surface;

2. Two independent cutting platforms on the left and right sides, one side of the processed product can be kept still, the safety is greatly improved, and the labor intensity of the workers is greatly reduced;
3. Work clamps are easy and no special fixtures are required;
4. Large angle C and B axis rotary machining can reduce the processing dead angle of complex workpieces
5. High technology content, High processing accuracy, and efficient positioning;
6. Reasonable structure and configuration, improved cost performance and reduced operating and maintenance costs.5-axis machining provides infinite possibilities as to the part sizes and shapes you can effectively process. 

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