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    RBT machinery is an intelligent equipment integrated solution provider integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and technical services. The  company’s main products are:

  • Luggage industry: CNC special-shaped punching and cutting machine, intelligent production line of forming&trimming, intelligent assembling line of frame type luggage gluing&pressing, etc.;
  • Composite material and plastic industry: non-metal five-axis machining center, non-metal six-axis machining center, truss-type six-axis machining center, etc.;
  • Bathroom, hardware industry: multi-head engraving and milling center, polishing intelligent equipment, CNC cleaning machine, etc.;
  • Packaging industry; automatic paper turning machine, intelligent paper taking machine, intelligent paper unloading machine, etc.;

     We committe to serving the R&D and manufacturing of multi-axis machining centers for non-metallic products such as plastic hard luggage, vacuum forming parts, glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber, etc., R&D and manufacturing of metal multi-axis laser cutting equipment and non-standard automated production lines. 

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Company culture
Gratitude, loyalty, quality, professionalism, innovation
Lead the manufacture of bags and realize intelligent intelligence!
Promote the popularization and application of five axis machining centers in various industries!
Become and be recognized as the best luggage intelligent equipment manufacturer
Become and be recognized as the leader of China non metal five axis machining center
Make the world full of love!
Intelligent achievement intelligence creation

Best understanding of Chinese user needs

Rooted in China for 12 years, more than 1000 cooperative enterprises
Over the past 12 years, we have been specializing in the development of multi axis machining centers, providing solutions that best fit the needs of Chinese users


Lead the industry for 12 years


More than 100 leading technologies


Over 1000 cooperative enterprises

Our strengths and services

  • Research

  • Manufacture

  • Sale

  • Plastic bags

  • Thick film blister

  • Glass steel

  • Carbon fibre

  • Cutting

  • Precise drilling

  • CE Standard

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